WarriorsBand:Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the Band?

The Warriors Band is the official student-run pep band of the University of Waterloo, overseen by Athletics.

I haven't played since high school. Am I good enough?

Everyone is welcome in the Band, no matter what their level of experience. We do not hold auditions.

I don't have an instrument. Can I still come?

Yes. The Band has a selection of instruments you can borrow during practice and events. Come out to practice and see what we have. Some of the instruments available include flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, and tuba.

How much does band cost?

There is a $5 per semester membership fee, and a $10 uniform fee, which gets you the band t-shirt (to keep) and the right to borrow other band-related clothing items for the semester. If you want to take an instrument home with you there is an additional $10 per semester rental fee.

Do I have to stay for the entire practice, or come to every event?

Warrior's Band has no attendance policy, meaning you don't have to come to events if you can't make it or if you don't want to. If you have class during practice, it's perfectly fine to come late or leave early.


Can I sign out music to practice at home?

Yes, once you've paid your fees. See the Quartermaster if you want to sign out a book.

Alternatively, they are also available online (you will need an account).


How can I contribute?

The wiki is open for anyone to read, but you will need an account to edit pages.

The Warriors Band Wiki is powered by MediaWiki. Be sure to at least skim the help pages, especially the ones on editing.


We have a website?

Yes, and it is served over HTTPS.