The Black and White and Gold

The Black and White and Gold
Writers K.D. Fryer and H.F. Davis
Composer Alfred Kunz
Date Created 1 September 1966[1]

The Black and White and Gold is the official school song of the University of Waterloo. It is on page 1 of the songbook.

When it is played

As the official school song, "The Black and White and Gold" is the most frequently played song by the Band. The Constitution specifies that the song should be played before and after every event at which the Band attends.

During practice, it is played at normal speed at the start of practice, and it is tradition to play the School Song as fast as possible to close practice (the tempo marking is 140 – ∞). On the final practice of a term, it is also tradition to have any graduating members stand in the middle and sing the song while the rest of the Band plays at the end of practice; in this case, the song is played at normal speed.


We are proud of Waterloo
Let our words ring loud and clear
We will always honour you
Our alma mater dear

Waterloo, we hail thee
May we e'er uphold
All the things you stand for
Black and white and gold!
Waterloo, we hail thee
Black and white and gold!
(With some red trim!)[note 1]

W, A, R, R, I, O, R, S!


  1. This line is not part of the official lyrics, but graduating members often sing it.