The Executive of the Warriors Band is responsible for the organization of the band and of its events. It is elected during the first week of the exam period for the previous semester.

Constitutional role

The Constitution refers to the Executive as "Executive Officers", and includes the following guidance under that section:

The club is limited to 2 non-student executives; every other executive member must be a current student. The Chief Centurion must be a current UW student. All club executives will be elected, not hired or appointed. The term of office for all executive positions is one academic term. A Chief Centurion can only hold office as Chief Centurion for 3 consecutive terms and for a maximum of 4 terms per 2 years. All non-instant club decisions (Not including: song choice, other quick decisions) will be made as a collective by executive vote, no one member may make decisions for the entire club.

Executive positions

The Constitution lists six executive positions.

Chief Centurion

The Chief Centurion (CCWB) is the leader of the Warriors Band, acting as the club's president.

Deputy Chief Centurion

The Deputy Chief Centurion (DCCWB) is the Band's second-in-command and is the CCWB's substitute in times of absence. This position may be held simultaneously with another executive position by a single member.


The Quartermaster is responsible for the management of equipment and supplies of the Band, including instrument maintenance and music organization.


The Secretary is the primary note-taker for executive meetings.


The Technomancer is the Band's technical support, primarily in maintaining the website.


The Treasurer manages the funds of the Band.

Current executive

This section is out of date.

The current executive consists of:

Role Name
Chief Centurion Thomas Broadley
Deputy Chief Centurion Chloe Jenkins
Quartermaster Allan Beldan
Secretary Jasmine Chan
Technomancer Johann Tutor
Treasurer Chloe Jenkins