The Queen and the Royal Family

In 1979 the Warriors Band extended a Honourary membership to the Queen and received this reply. The original has the crest of Buckingham Palace.

9th October, 1979

Dear Mr Hayman,

I am commanded by The Queen to thank you for your letter of 20th September and for your kind message of loyal greetings, which you have sent on behalf of the University of Waterloo Warriors Band. Her Majesty also appreciated your invitation to visit the Warriors Band next time she is in the Waterloo area in Ontario.

Yours Sincerely,

Philip Thom… (something unreadable)

Refusing to neglect our national duty, the ever-thoughtful Warriors Band invites Prince Charles and Lady Diana to join us. The reference in the P.S. is from the Honourary membership sent to, and accepted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1979

Friday June 12, 1981

University of Waterloo
Ontario Canada

Prince Charles, Lady Diana :

The Unviersity of Waterloo Warriors Band would like to extend our congratulations on your upcoming marriage. You are hereby named honourary members of this band, and may play any instrument you wish, whenever you want. We would like to offer our services for this occasion, and would gladly make the trip over to play at your reception. If, however, you have already booked a band, then feel free to call upon us at any time you please. You are most welcome to play with the Band any time that you happen to be in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

Peter Oliver
Chief Centurion Warriors Band

Steve Hayman
Chief Centurion Emeritus

Kevin Tureski
Vice President

John Oldfield
Vice President

P.S. Please remind Her Majesty the Queen that our invitation for her to play in the percussion section is still, and always will be, open.