Olympic Basketball

The band was active in 1988 when the Olympics came to town and became the offical band for the mens Canadian Olympic Basketball Team and even took part in the Olympic Torch Relay Ceremonies in Kitchener.

Canadian Olympic Basketball Team with the Warriors Band (1988)

Letter to Steve Hayman

Dear Steve,

On behalf of the City of Kitchener Parks and Recreation Department and the Kitchener Olympic Torch Organizing Committee, I am extending a sincere thank you to all of the members of the University of Waterloo Warriors band for their participation in the Olympic Torch Relay Ceremonies at Kithcener City Hall on Tuesday, January 5.

We appreciated the enthusiasm that you band members exhibited despite teh chilling temperatures and the effects that the cold temperatures had on many of your instruments.

We hope that you enjoyed being a part of the Olympic Torch Relay Ceremonies in Kitchener, and to be able to Share the Flame/Celebrate the Spirit with several thousand other people.

Yours Sincerely,

John Cooper, Chairman

Kitchener Olympic Torch Relay Committee