First five members of the Warriors Band

The First Five – January 20, 1967
Len Kushnier, Chris Moon, Bill Petty, Dave Greenberg, Pete Huck

Founded in 1966 by the immortal David Greenberg, Chief Centurion Number I, the Warriors Band has become the dominant musical force at Waterloo sporting events. The Band grew, under the auspices of the UW Athletic Department, from four to fifty members in its first year alone.

Early organizers of the Warriors Band had many grand plans for the group, most of which, requiring large sums of money, remained grand plans. They did, however, manage to acquire a 48″ diameter Ludwig bass drum which accompanies the Band on its travels throughout the world.

An infusion of capital in 1980 under the tenure of Steve Hayman, CCWB IX, enabled the purchase of enough instruments to keep almost everyone happy. In addition, regular (informal) practices were instituted which has expanded the group’s repertoire to a two-digit number of pieces.

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