W-A-R-R-I-O-R-S! Warriors! Hail Warriors!

The Warriors Band can be found in a variety of places!

Campus Events:

Sports Games:

The band plays at many sports games throughout the year. Catch us mainly at hockey, basketball, and football games, but we attend the other ones too!

Other Campus Activities:

Keep your ears open around campus around holidays and events such as St. Patrick's Day, building openings, variety shows, concerts, or even just at random times in the year. A morale boost for everyone!

Off Campus Events:

The Warriors Band attends the Santa Clause Parade and other similiar events around the City!

Want More Information?

Join the discord for more details on where we play next!

Check out some photos of our most recent and interesting events!

Band performing at FASS 2023
Band performing in a Pool during the 1980's
Band Performing at the Santa Claus Parade in 2023
Warriors Band of the Throwdown in Steeltown 2016
Performing during the Elmira Parade in 2016