Election 1175

In accordance with our constitution, we will be holding an election to determine the executive team for next term, 1179.

Polls open July 20, 2017 (1175-81). As there are no positions with more than one candidate, all positions with candidates will be acclaimed and there will not be an election.

Candidates for this election are listed below.


Chief Centurion (CCWB)

Thomas B.

Picture of Thomas B. I was CCWB for the past term (1175). For the 1179 term, I’ll focus on recruiting new members and attending varsity sports games. I’ll also bring the Band to as many community events, like Christmas parades, as possible. Finally, I’d like to make the Band a vegan organization: we’d only provide vegan food at Band events.

Deputy Chief Centurion (DCCWB)

(No candidates.)


(No candidates.)


Jasmine C.

Picture of Jasmine C. My name is Jasmine, I’m going into 2A of Honours Science CAP. I’ve been in Warriors band for a year as the soprano sax and am applying to be the secretary! (sorry scott)

I am an organized person who meticulously schedules, available for the formal meetings and ready to format notes. I am also very open-minded and willing to take in suggestions for constitution mending, should the occasion arise. If elected, I will make sure the constitution continues to support each band member in addition to keeping everyone informed of meeting note updates.


Johann T.

Picture of Johann T. My name is Johann, my toothbrush is grey, and I’ve been Technomancer since 1151. I was the one who set up our website and wiki, along with all of their functionality. If elected, I’ll keep doing what I’ve been doing. Yes, we have a website.


(No candidates.)