Election 1171

In accordance with our new constitution, we will be holding an election to determine the executive team for next term, 1175.

Polls open March 30, 2017 (1175-86). As there are no positions with more than one candidate, all positions with candidates will be acclaimed and there will not be an election.

Candidates for this election are listed below.


Chief Centurion (CCWB)

Thomas B.

Picture of Thomas B. At the start of the Winter 2016 term, I had just returned from a year away from school and I had few friends here. Luckily, I found out about the Band, and you all became my first real friend group at Waterloo. Joining the Band changed the course of my life: if I hadn’t, I might have decided to drop out of university. If I am elected CCWB, my main goal will be to help people like me, those with few friends at university, meet others who love playing music.

To that end, I would do several things to try and improve the Band experience. I would complete and print the new songbook, if it isn’t finished this term. Out of the Band events I’ve attended, I’ve most enjoyed the Christmas parades we’ve marched in: I would try to find similar community events to participate in this summer. Assuming enough Band members are interested, I’d take the lead on organizing the Band House for the 2017-2018 school year. Finally, I would do my best to preserve the Band’s low-pressure, low-commitment, friendly, and inclusive atmosphere, since that’s what made me stick around in the first place.

Deputy Chief Centurion (DCCWB)

Atharv M.

Picture of Atharv M. Hello Warriors Band,

My name is Atharv Mahajan and I play snare in the band. I read in the email sent that there are executive positions available in the band and so I’m applying for DCCWB or Technomancer, which everyone is available or anything after that. I think Thomas and Gitan have those roles right now and good luck to them wherever they are going. As for why I want those roles or any roles with the exec is so I can spend more time with my friends, be involved in the club more and mostly just hand out, get work done and have fun playing snare. Through this club I’ve began reading music again and getting better with the snare drum. As for my degree, I am in General Science 2B and I can certainly donate my time for the UW band.

Thank you, Atharv


(No candidates.)


Scott K.

Picture of Scott K. I am the current secretary of the band. I’ve maintained this position for the past 3 years. I have also acted as the co-deputy Chief Centurion for a year, where I took on some responsibilities of the CC briefly. I am a responsible individual with past experience and know-how to do my job correctly and help the executive through the transition to its new democracy. I also know the official band date format well.


Johann T.

Picture of Johann T. My name is Johann and my toothbrush is grey. I’m in 4A Computer Science and I’ve been in the band since 1141. I was appointed Technomancer after 1151 and have held the position these last two years. During that time, I rebuilt the website to what it is today (you can still view the old site). As the site’s creator, I’m intimately familiar with how it works. There were some new features I implemented on this site near the end of the term, like this election system, and it would be good to be able to do any required follow-up work. If elected, I’ll make sure you continue to have a smoothly-running site to enjoy.


Louis E.

Picture of Louis E. “It’s the moment when your world of possibility grows only by an inch, but you feel as though the entire universe has been opened for you to explore.” If elected, my goal is to strive towards providing this moment of disbelief for all members of the Warriors Band.

Hi, my name is Louis and I am currently a 2nd year student studying in the Honours Arts and Business program. I have been a percussionist for the Waterloo Warriors band since May 2016 and have enjoyed every second of it. With that being said, I wish to further my involvement by running for Treasurer.

I wholeheartedly believe that I am well-suited for this position as I have previous work experience in the fields of cash and financial management. This is evident through my jobs as a Data Entry Specialist at a CMA Accounting Office as well as my current co-op placement at CIBC. Through these positions, I was responsible for creating financial statements and have worked on a team that manages multi-million dollar projects involving Global Transaction Banking.

By effectively managing the financial assets of our beloved band, I wish to dedicate more funds to creating an unforgettable experience for each and every one of you. To conclude, I feel that yo[Uuuuuuuuuu] [W]ould be making the right decision to vote for me. Clear eyes, full hearts. Can’t lose.